Lucky Layla is the healthy lifestyle, superior tasting creamy drinkable treat or snack, handcrafted by artisans for superior taste and unmatched quality.

Lucky Layla - the tasty drinkable treat for the whole family. Hand crafted by yogurt artisans, Lucky Layla is a unique and unmatched combination of superior taste and significant healthy lifestyle ingredients.

A true breakthrough. This creamy delight is all-natural, we use real fruit pulp, no additives, no preservatives, active probiotic cultures LD. Bulgaricus and S.S. Thermophilus. Lucky Layla Farms drinkable yogurt is low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol. Lower than any other product in this area!

Wow! Tasty, good for you - the ultimate meal replacement and a healthy snack for the whole family.

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Get Lucky. Get Layla.
America's Best Drinkable Yogurt, American Cheese Society 2007, 2008 & 2009!

Pure Yogurt (No Sugar)
Plain Yogurt

Blueberry Yogurt
Blackberry (Mora) Yogurt

Mango Yogurt
Piña Colada Yogurt
Strawberry (Fresa) Yogurt
Banana Yogurt
Peach Yogurt

Number one drinkable yogurt in the USA! Our Drinkable Yogurt is 100% Guernsey and Jersey Milk with 100% Natural Fruits and Probiotic Culture.

How to enjoy our drinkable yogurts:

Pull the safety ring up and over the bottle and completely remove, then twist open the lid to consume.


Lucky Layla Butter
lThis unique Golden butter reveals the true color of the milk produced by our Guernsey and Jersey cows. This butter is churned in a traditional way to produce the best handcrafted butter available.

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