Are the cows grass fed?

Yes. Our cows are on pasture at all times except in extreme drought conditions. When grass is not available, they are fed silage and hay.

Do you use hormones?


Do you feed grain?

Yes, grain is an essential part of a cow’s diet. It is necessary for milk production and fetal development. The amount of grain is directly related to the quality of forage. Poor quality forage requires  more grain and high quality forage requires less grain. The percentage of grain fed never exceeds 15 percent of a cows diet.     

Are you organic?

No, we are all natural. We do not have access to organic grains.


Do you use pesticides and herbicides?

We do not spray pastures with any chemicals.

Do you use fertilizers?

We use cow manure as fertilizers.


Can we tour the farms?

Our sister company Lavon Farms produces the milk for Lucky Layla and tours are always welcome and encouraged!